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Microsoft Registered Refurbisher

When you buy RefurbConnect products you’ll enjoy discounted rates on premium equipment. This is made possible by programs such as the Microsoft Registered Refurbisher initiative which allows us to supply you with fully licensed Microsoft software at discounted rates.

As a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher, RefurbConnect is authorized to install and sell certain licensed Microsoft products for less than you’d pay if you bought a brand new machine. Microsoft also provides its registered refurbishers with special tools to help ensure a simple, smooth, and flawless installation of your software.


 As an added bonus, the program allows RefurbConnect to supply your machines with operating systems such as Windows 10 and other Microsoft-backed software instead of less supported, and less familiar operating systems such as Linux.

Since we receive licenses at discounted rates, we can install official Microsoft programs on your computer and pass those discounts along to you. It saves both of us money, while ensuring you always get a top of the line computer system.

Finally, you should always confirm your refurbished equipment supplier is a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher before purchasing from them. The purpose of the registered refurbisher program is to help Microsoft limit piracy of their products which can cost you unnecessary problems.

Pirated products often contain malicious software, such as viruses, malware, keyloggers, and other harmful programs that can damage or destroy your entire system. By buying from a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher, you can avoid products from non-registered sellers that may contain illegal copies of operating systems that can malfunction, or worse, destroy your equipment.

The good news is RefurbConnect is a fully registered Microsoft Refurbisher selling officially licensed software, so you can feel confident anytime you order from our store. Also, most of our products are backed by our hassle-free returns policy which you can read here to put your mind at ease.